François Gremaud

Dr. phil. François Gremaud Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist FSP, Psychotherapist behavioral therapy SGVT

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  • Behavioural therapy and cognitive therapy in children, adolescents and adults (depression, crises, ADHD, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.)

  • Schemes therapy

  • Dialectical behavioral therapy

  • Diagnostic clarifications

  • Integrated treatments (cooperation with authorities such as social services or similar)

  • Neuropsychological investigations and neuropsychological training

What are neuropsychological clarifications?

Neuropsychology is a branch of psychology and neuroscience. Patients may have difficulty in memory, attention, or executive functions (including logical thinking) as part of a psychiatric illness. These shortcomings often lead to difficulties in the context of professional and social integration. As part of the practice of clarification in a first step, the diagnosis of these difficulties to the target. In a second step, if necessary, a training of the deficits in the sense of a cognitive remediation can be offered (computer-aided training of the memory-attention and executive functions).


  • Individual therapy

  • Family talks

  • Group therapy

  • Parents talks


  • German

  • French (mother tongue)

Academic background

  • University Fribourg/CH
    License in Clinical Psychology, Psychology General and Educational and Science of Communication (bilingual) (2001)

  • University Zurich
    Master of advanced studies in psychotherapy, focus on cognitive behavioral therapy and behavioral medicine (2006)

  • University Basel
    Promotion/Doctorate on neurocognitive rehabilitation in adolescents with schizophrenia or with ADHD (2010)

Professional occupation

  • Clinic Littenheid/TG Clienia AG
    Psychiatric Private Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (2001-2005)
    Psychotherapeutic work in acute in-patient youth and outpatient work in the regional external psychiatric service (including clarification and parental counseling).

  • Integrated Psychiatry Winterthur-Zurich Unterland (IPW) (2005-2011) Counseling center for young people Winterthur Outpatient psychotherapeutic care of adolescents and young adults (individual and group therapy), diagnostic clarifications. Neurocognitive clarifications, neurocognitive training.

  • Delegated Psychotherapy (since May 2011) Practice Dr. Tobias Maag, Steinberggasse 54, 8400 Winterthur Outpatient psychotherapy, neurocognitive investigations.


  • Specialist psychologist for psychotherapy FSP (Federation of Swiss Psychologists) (2006)

  • Psychotherapist SGVT (Swiss Society for Behavioral Therapy) (2006)

  • Approval for independent professional practice from the Health Department of the Canton of Zurich (practice permit) (2008)

  • Authorization from the Health Department of the Canton of Zug to practice independently (practice license 2011)

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