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Terms of Service

Billing options for psychological psychotherapies
Billing via basic insurance
The costs for psychological psychotherapies are now covered by the basic health insurances, whereby the franchise and deductible have to be paid by the client. The prerequisite is a special medical "Order for Psychological Psychotherapy", which your doctor can download from our homepage (> Team > R.Abegglen) and send to me duly completed.
Billing via supplementary insurance
If you prefer to bill through your supplementary health insurance, you can do so with most** health insurance companies until the end of 2022, although most insurance companies will only cover a relatively small portion of the costs. To do this, you need a normal doctor's referral letter, but not an "order for psychological psychotherapy". Since there is still some ambiguity** with regard to supplementary insurances, it may make sense to ask your insurance company directly.
Billing by self-payers (fees)
Psychotherapy and counseling Fr. 190.- per session of 60 min. (Fr. 15.80 per additional 5 min.) 

Other services such as telephone calls, mail contacts, study of files, diagnostics, test evaluations, reporting and meetings with third parties will be charged according to time spent and according to the above-mentioned tariff. 

Couple coaching (not covered by health insurance): Fr. 230.- per session of 60 min. (Fr. 19.15 per additional 5 min.).


Billing via disability insurance (IV), SUVA, victim assistance, social welfare office

The disability insurance finances, among other things, psychotherapies for children and adolescents. The prerequisite for this is a valid IV cost approval for medical measures or psychotherapy - issued in the name of the psychotherapist carrying out the treatment. Different conditions apply for the other cost units. 


General conditions 

Clients or their legal representatives are liable for all services rendered. Fee invoices for self-pay clients can be paid in cash or by Twint after the session, or they are sent monthly and must be paid within 30 days. A processing fee of Fr. 30.- will be charged for reminders.  

Agreed appointments are binding. Appointments that cannot be kept must be postponed or cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. If this is not the case, they will be charged at the agreed rate and must be paid by the client. 

By accepting the terms and conditions you confirm that you have read and understood the above and agree with the arrangements and fee conditions. The agreement of a treatment appointment automatically leads to the conclusion of a treatment contract, which is considered as acknowledgement of debt according to SchKG Art. 82. 

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