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Systemic behavioural therapy for couples

Research on couples has refuted the wide spread assumption that inner signs of exhaustion and weariness are predominantly the causes for breakup and high rates of separations and divorces. Recent research shows:

  • Relations are most successful when basic communicative skills are there. Couples with incompetent style of communication have a significantly higher risk of separation and divorce in comparison with competently communicating couples.

  • A high unresolved level of stress in modern every day life is another risk factor that can burden or destroy even good relationships.

  • Competences (functional communication, constructive stress management) can be learned respectively trained and result in a better quality of the relationship, which again effects the physical and mental wellbeing of a human being.

  • The quality of a relation has an effect on the physical and mental health of every person. A healthy relation of parents to their children reduces behavioural problems and mental and physical conditions.


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