Supervision & Coaching, Conflict- & Selfmanagement

Supervision & Coaching will help you reflect and reach your professional goals as well as deal with difficult and situations of stress:

  • In economically difficult times it is especially important not to internatalize tension, worries or fears and deal with them alone, so to speak ‘on your own stage’, but to talk about them and to define possible action goals, and to direct them to what is ‘ahead’ and external, according to the motto “what I can express will not make me ill”. Besides, linguistic expression can be considered ‘rehearsal action’. To remain passive in situations of stress/burdening is usually less productive than to take action in words and deeds in order to minimize possible sources of conflict.

  • Supervision & Coaching for Schools: Team development, communication training and professional counselling for teachers, social education workers and school authorities

  • Supervision & Coaching in Public Health: Team development, communication training and professional counselling for health and health promotion professionals
    Supervision & Coaching in case of Mobbing/Bullying: Support and counselling of children, adolescents and adults

  • Supervision & Self Experience for Training: For students and graduating students in Psychotherapy training (Behavioral Therapy). Group- or single settings possible.

  • Coaching in Career Management and Change Management

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