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How does Behavioural Therapy work?

At the beginning of a treatment the therapist and client will work out a precise problem definition together. For children the parents and, by agreement, also teachers and other relevant educators may be included. Then, the cause and the conditions responsible for the persistence of the problem are examined. Co-effects are explained in common terms.


On the basis of the gained awareness the therapist and client will together define the aim of therapy and plan next steps. Therapy always works from a apparent problem. Together with the client new, solution oriented possibilities of behaviour and conditions are developed, trained and put into effect. For children and adolescents the procedures are tailored to age, respectively, the stage of development. This means that for instance elements of play therapy may be applied.

Behavioural Therapy claims effectiveness and time efficiency. Efficiency of therapy is closely monitored during treatment and the success of therapy is evaluated by a standardized controlling.

Behavioural Therapy is not confined to discussions and analyses of problems, but encourages to try out new (external and ‘internal’) behaviour. With the help of the therapist the client shall have better understanding of his or her behaviour and be able to change it. Learning situations are tailored precisely to the client and his or her problems. Thereby, the client learns step by step to allow new and unfamiliar behaviour. The client is encouraged to try out new strategies regularly in his personal environment and to anchor the achieved steps effectively in concrete situations in everyday life.


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