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Terms of Service

What costs does the health insurance company cover?

The compulsory basic health insurance does not cover any treatment costs for psychological psychotherapy. Psychological psychotherapies FSP are unfortunately not yet considered a compulsory service within the framework of basic health insurance in Switzerland. Many health insurance companies cover part of the treatment costs on the basis of supplementary insurance and usually require a doctor's prescription or a referral before the start of treatment. Self-payers have the advantage that they have absolute discretion because reports and information about the course cannot be obtained from third parties such as doctors, health insurance companies and other institutions.


  • Psychotherapy and counseling (including video telephony): Fr. 190.- per 60-minute session (Fr. 15.80 per additional 5 min.)

  • Other services such as telephone calls, e-mail contacts, file study, test evaluations, reports and meetings with third parties are charged according to the time required and according to the above tariff.

  • Couples therapy: Fr. 220.- per session of 60 minutes (CHF 18.30 per additional 5 minutes).

Disability Insurance (IV)
The disability insurance finances, among other things, psychotherapy for children and young people. A prerequisite for this is a valid IV cost credit for medical measures or psychotherapy - issued in the name of the psychotherapist performing the work.

General provisions
Clients or their legal representatives are liable for the fee for all services used, regardless of whether, when and to what extent supplementary health insurances reimburse part of the therapy costs. Fee invoices can be paid in cash after the meeting (cash discount) or are sent monthly and are subject to payment within 30 days. A processing fee of Fr. 30.- is charged for reminders.
What to do in case of prevention Agreed dates are binding. Appointments that cannot be kept must be postponed or canceled at least 24 hours in advance. If this is not the case, they will be charged at the agreed rate and must be borne by yourself.

Personal statement
By accepting the terms and conditions, you confirm that you have read and understood the above statements and that you agree to the agreements and fee conditions. The agreement of a treatment appointment automatically leads to the conclusion of a treatment contract, which is considered an acknowledgment of guilt in accordance with Art. 82 SchKG.

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